Re: ISS SSTV - Again?!?! YES!

Brad Smith


I need your expertise. We were traveling today during an 80 degree pass of the ISS, so I hooked my VX7R ht to the 1/4 wave, 2m, whip antenna on the car roof, just for grins, in case a SSTV signal came from them. Using the SSTV app on my phone, I received a beautiful picture while traveling 75 mph. ( My XYL was driving.) If a whip antenna has a donut shaped receive pattern that mirrors the transmit pattern, it should not receive well for near vertices signals, like 80 degrees. Do you have an explanation for this? It was much better than using a 1/4 wave, 2m antenna directly attached to the ht.

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No idea - this was a pleasant surprise. Watch the AMSAT Live OSCAR page for reception reports! I am at HRO-Anaheim all day ...

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