HRO HamJam Wrap-up

Clint Bradford

>> ... Clint, Ham Jam would not have been a success without you. Thank you for all your support. 
You ran a VERY successful event. I spoke with EVERY vendor/exhibitor outside: not a negative word from anyone. Yes, we had heat, but with ample water and the food vendors offering drinks at reasonable prices, we were fine. The "hardest-workin'" folks were the food vendors: They endured not only the temperature, but also the heat from the BBQ but they were NEVER in bad moods. 
Your event accommodated attendees with special needs by keeping the blue-placard parking spaces open, and "we" assisted with offers of water and assistance moving around the showroom. Although Bill S. is Bill S. --- and we should expect nothing other than the typical "Bill S.” performance --- I was especially touched by his tribute to Dale, as were a couple of other folks (Heiko and a couple other "older" hams). Smiles of remembrance crossed our minds and smiles on our faces ... Then Bill went into his "Bill" routine (grin).
HRO is to be commended for the 7-9 new/upgraded hams with your VE team! I’m glad they were in the AC for the testing.
I also thank you for allowing me to promote autism awareness with my multi-colored antennas and clothing. ("Clint being Clint," … Can you believe Karen has put up with me for 30+ years???)
Looking forward to HamJam 2019!


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