Fred Hillhouse

I just tried a recent pass and I experienced the same with the signal but I would describe it as a switch toggling as the signal acquisition and loss were abrupt. But then, this is my first attempt.

I am using Kenwood D72 w/ Diamond RH77CA, Robot36, Samsung S5.


Regarding Robot36, does it current allow saving of the capture? I ended up just doing a screen capture. I attached my screen capture.


The next pass is almost directly overhead! 85 Degrees! J


Best regards,

Fred N7FMH




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Subject: Re: [Work-Sat] ISS SSTV Project UP AND RUNNING!


Reception here has not been good as the signal comes in strong then fades away,  several times during a pass.  Checked on two different receivers/antennas,  the problem is not coming from my end... 


73 de Amir K9CHP

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As usual, the project will sent you a beautiful certificate for receiving and posting an image ...


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