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Thanks for the information Clint. However, I was looking at the Elk Ant. & Kenwood setup picture from Monday and wondering if there was a handle Mod. for that too
Bill AF7ZA

On Jun 26, 2018, at 8:53 21AM, Clint Bradford <clintbradford@...> wrote:

I received inquiries over the weekend regarding the "pistol grip" I added to 
my Arrow 147/437-10WBP satellite antenna. Those hand tool aficionados 
out there recognize that handle as coming from a Stanley(tm) hacksaw ...
(grin) The mods (handle and a tray for holding an HT) are here:

Just from personal use, I knew it was much more comfortable and natural to 
hold such a "tool" in that position. MUCH LESS STRESS on the wrist. And
ergonomic tool studies back up that personal experience, too. Like this study ...

I know what you are thinking: "Hey, doesn't all that stuff negatively affect the 
performance of the antenna?" Nope. I have spoken to those who manufacture 
these antennas, and was told that that aluminum "tray" and just about anything else 
we want to do on the handle end of the mast will NOT affect performance.

Turning the whole antenna 90 degrees either way is a snap - painless and 
comfortable. Notice the "charity bracelet" around the HT? It keeps it in place 
no matter how much you twist and turn.

So ... Next time you are at your local hardware store, take a look at the Arrow 
Handles - er, I mean, pistol grips - on various small hand tools ...


PS BE CAREFUL, though, if you drill through your Arrow mast and you have the 
model with diplexer built into the handle! Avoid drilling through the diplexer! (grin)

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