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Fred Hillhouse

SO-50 has two input tones, one is to start a 10 timer and the other for actual communications.


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While I have your attention.  Do you know of anyone who has actually built the "Cheap and Easy Satellite Antennas" from a series of articles by N2SPI in the AMSAT Journals from 2006?  Just curious.

One last question:  in the HT programming guide for the "Easy Sats" the SO-50 list shows the transmit tone to be 67.0 Hz except in channel 503 where it lists 74.4 Hz.  Am I missing something?

Tks again.  Great website.  I probably missed you at Dayton.  It was my first time there.  But, I go to Friedrichshafen Ham Fest every year for the last several.

73 , Floyd WD8DUP/DA1VF


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