Darn ...

Clint Bradford

I just had to turn down a request from the fine folks coordinating their 
2018 NVCON (Nevada State Communications Convention) in Reno,
Nevada next month.
They wanted my satellite presentation in at least one - possibly two - 
time slots for their attendees. As well as satellite pass demos outside.
Cheapest air fare for two I could find from ONT to RENO was about 
$1100 round trip - and that actually only saved two or three hours from 
the alternative eight-hour driving time. 

But that turns in to a four-day 
commitment - and I just couldn't pull that 
off right now ... 

In the Reno region? Check out their Web site at ...


Meanwhile, working on five upcoming satellite shows, plus the July 7, 
2018 Ham Radio Outlet HAM JAM in Anaheim.


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