Honesty in Communications

Clint Bradford

>> "Thanks so much Clint! I wasn’t expecting a call by any stretch
of the imagination. It’s greatly appreciated."

I received an email inquiry from a gentleman who saw my sat show
in Kentucky a few years ago. I had the answer readily available, and 
there was a phone number in his signature file. So I called him.

It went to voicemail. I answered the question, thanked him and his club 
AGAIN for the great university t-shirt they sent me, and gave him my 
phone number. And he wrote back later ...

I receive emails and phone messages all the time. Someone actually 
wrote that it was "dangerous" to be so open with telephone numbers and 
address info posted on my pages.

Well, when you visit any of my sites, I consider you a guest in my 
residence. I treat you with respect. Come on in and have a question?
There's email, phone, texting - all sorts of ways to reach me. If  
do not have the answer, I will tell you how long it might take to 
research and GET the answer for you.

I am wary of non-commercial sites whose owners hide behind false 
name or pseudonyms of other false or misleading identifying info. If
one is not proud of one's works - then I can see how one would want
to hide from the masses.

But for those who are proud of their work ... make themselves available 
to their visitors ... publish current contact information --- THAT'S the kind 
of site I will respect. The others just never get bookmarked.

And so it goes ...


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