Re: QST Article - May, 2017 - Satelilte Station

Max White

Hi Clint by chance I just read the piece today in the issue just arrived. I felt useful but you could not twist the tube for polarisation issues? Much appreciate ur output and yes the D72 is good. Just acquired another one as last stock here in UK is going post the new replacement. Grab whilst discounted! Vy 73 Max M0VNG

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I have received a couple private email messages regarding the article in the May, 2017 QST magazine that shows how one ham has set up his portable, duplex satellite station.

The bottom line: It is working well for HIM, and that's what matters! (grin)

There are a couple minor points that, well, are examples of a little "different thinking."

1. No, it is not mandatory to work the FM voice birds full-duplex. Preferable, but not mandatory.

2. There IS a good choice for an HT that does full-duplex well for the FM voice birds - the Kenwood 


3. Many software programs do not necessarily advise you frequencies to use.

4. A compass? Well, these are all north-to-south or south-to-north passes - that's about all you need you know: Where's North and South? (grin)

5. An inclinometer? he horizon is Zero. Straight up is 90 degrees. Half of that is 45 ... 

But the bottom line: The author is SUCCESSFULLY workin' the birds!


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