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Subject: [Work-Sat] STS-8 Shuttle Challenger Mission - USPS Postmarked Envelope [1 Attachment]


Take a close look at this item. It is a USPS / NASA project from Shuttle Mission STS-8. This item is UNIQUE because it is the first to record the flight into space with originating and returning postal cancellations. The stamp affixed is also noteworthy because it was issued at the Kennedy Space Center on August 12, 1983. The August 14 cancellation date indicates the day STS-8 was scheduled to launch with this envelope in its cargo bay. And there is the cancellation date when the Shuttle CHALLENGER returned to Earth.

Communications satellite INSAT-1B was deployed during this mission, as well as several important experiments. One experiment included using an electrical field to separate molecules in liquid suspension - for possible pharmaceutical applications. Also, the 50-foot-long mechanical arm in the cargo payload area was tested in preparation for retrieving the Solar Observatory Satellite which was launched several years beforehand to monitor our Sun.

This envelope comes in a beautiful three-page binder, with photographs and description of the mission. NOTE: Proceeds from this item will be split 50/50 with our two featured organizations.

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