Re: tracking Ao-51 on heavens above questoin

K6LCS <clintbrad4d@...>

... had better luck on the lower passes than the ones which go almost overhead ... maybe the polarization coming into play ...
I have yet to have to truly experience the phenomenon of "circular polarization" while working the FM sats with my Arrow Antenna.

On EVERY demo - and during every personal/private pass - I'll twist my Arrow 90 degrees. I won;t announce it to the group. I'll just do it. And there is NO discernible change in TX or RX signal by doing so.

Oh, I know the engineers here can SHOW me on paper that the phenomenon is there. But in real life - for ME - it just doesn't happen.

I had one audience member tell me he experiences it during loss of signal more htan at any other time during a pass. And I have to believe him. But please do not let this issue "make or break" any attempt to work an FM bird!


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