Re: tracking Ao-51 on heavens above questoin


Clint:  For me, I have had better luck on the lower passes than the ones which go almost overhead.  May be the polorization coming into play.  Otherwise the info on Heavens Above has been very accurate for me.  Also the info on Iridium flares has been very accurate. Just my opinion.

Forrest, KC9JFX

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I have found most software's "footprints" to be really conservative. I mean, we can work the FM says well "outside" that circle.

I am going to post the portion of my presentations where I "decipher" the numeroc data that the AMSAT site gives. Always good to have a second opinion ... And once you see how easy it really is to work with the AMSAT data, you will enjoy/like it more.


P.S. - With low power, start with 20 degree or better elevation passes. As you progress, you will work passes a little lower.

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