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Jimmy:  When you go to Heaven-Above, log onto the site, then go down on the left hand side and click on the Radio Amateur Sats and you will get a listing for your site for All the Sats for about 6-10 days.   Go down to AO-51 and click on it. Go to All passes and ckick on that, you will have just the Ao-51 passes only.  Click on one of those, and it will show you the pass close up.  Hope this helps.

Forrest, KC9JFX

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Subject: [Work-Sat] tracking Ao-51 on heavens above questoin
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HI ,
well envery think is gone set up wise fished the dross boom for my tri poad kast night. All that leaft to go is track Ao-51 and pick a pass and try to see if i can hear then give it a try. I wanted to try heavens above for tracking. well I gi there make a acount so that my QTH is in there when I log in. its all good LOL
so I try to rack ao-51 I cnat find it on that site, what up maybe it because im new to that site.  I cant find Ao-51 on the web so so does somone have a link?
jimmy c
Norwalk WI

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