Re: But All There Is to Work is SO-50 ...

Max White

As indeed done with a group of friends last week, with the packet onto a HH, and showing how the antenna orientation minimised the signal, and the guesswork of - which first to be picked up - visual or audio?

Dont get blase about such things - the vast majority of the public at large have no idea, and that includes a lot of teachers I we have to teach them. Do your research on Geoff Perry, the physics teacher in Kettering England, who went out to pick up satellites to show the doppler shift in real time to his pupils, and ended up discovering Plesetsk - and more. I worked with Geoff for 20+ years, and he was always one to educate people in the basics, and find that spark which may be inside them. Well known tracker Sven Grahn in Stockholm who worked with Geoff  from 1966 - one of his favourite mantras - and I use it today - was: Every young person needs a mentor. Those of us with amateur licences have to act in that way.

73 Max/M0VNG

Heck, I still find it exciting simply to MONITOR the ISS' packet frequency as she streaks
across the sky ... even MORE exciting during the VISIBLE passes! Many a night I have
gathered "audiences" for visible ISS passes ... whether in my cul-de-sac or at the
neighborhood grocery store's parking lot. (Even in a Best Buy parking lot recently!)
Most have never seen a satellite with the naked eye ... ALL are thrilled by the

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