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I would like some help in the correct usage of the Arrow 2 antenna. For a lower orbit pass, do you point the end of the antenna at the satellite or do you point the elements toward the satellite? If you point the receive elements toward the satellite, the transmit elements would not be aimed properly???? It seems simple when the bird is at 85 degrees or so, the bird is so clear, but the lower elevations (50 degrees or so) are not so easy, even with a preamp. Thanks for the help.

Always point the end of the boom towards the satellite so that both sets of elements are perpendicular to the signal path.

However, it will likely be necessary to rotate the antenna about the axis of the boom to allow for changes in the signal polarity. This can be a bit tricky at times, particularly during low-elevation passes.

A full-duplex radio is particularly useful for this.


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