EME Last Chance - TODAY 11:40AM PDT

K6LCS <clintbrad4d@...>

The Arecibo Observatory Amateur Radio Club will be putting the
1000-foot radio telescope on the air for 432 MHz EME from
April 16-18.

It can be heard with a small hand-held yagi pointed at the moon.
The scheduled times of operation are:

April 18: 1840 - 2125 UTC(Today)

Callsign: KP4AO

Tx Frequency: 432.045 MHz

Rx Frequency: 432.050 to 432.060+

Tx power: 400 W

Antenna gain: 60 dBi

System noise temp: 120 K (cold sky)

System noise temp: 330 K (when pointed at moon)

KP4AO can be heard with a small hand-held yagi pointed
at the moon and a good receiver. A 15 dBi antenna and
100 W will be enough to work us on CW.

Operators at KP4AO will do their best to work as many
stations as possible. Each session will start with a brief
announcement and CQ in SSB. SSB QSOs may continue for 30
minutes to an hour, if the QSO rate remains high.

The mode will be shifted to CW as soon as it is judged that
higher QSO rates would result.

We will listen for calls at frequencies 5-15 kHz higher than
our own, and even higher if QRM warrants. Callers who
s-p-r-e-a-d o-u-t are more likely to be copied.

If you've already worked us in any mode, please do not call
again -- give others a chance.

If we call "CQ QRP", we will listen for stations running 100 W
or less to a single yagi. Please do not answer such a CQ if you
are running more power or have a larger antenna.

On April 18, if we reach a condition where most calling stations
have been worked, and we judge that operating in the digital mode
JT65B would produce a higher QSO rate, we will switch to JT65B.

Note that any of these planned operating strategies may be changed
as circumstances dictate.

We are extremely fortunate to have been granted access to the world's
largest radio telescope for this amateur radio good-will event.
We look forward to working as many stations as possible in the alloted time!

- John, KB1MGI

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