Jerry Barr

i used a trypod from old telescopewith a 1 1/2 in pipe for handle counterweightand mounted inclineometer on top hang one radio wit strap from that and the other sits on the lens traywhen i am not talkin onit
 the scope was a  cheapie from wallyworld and had poor optics anyway
let ure imagination go into work mode try anything til u find what works for u
jerrt kj6ntl  73s

From: siegfried jackstien
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With a counterweight ... the balance problem can be solved (some use their
rig as weight hi hi)

Go in a photo store ... there sure you can find a tripod that does not cost
an arm and a leg

Too expensive?!?

Then search for the same thing on evil bay :-)



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> I am looking to buy a tripod for mounting my ARROW II antenna. I had one
> but it was old and broke down. I tried one from a friend, but the weight
> of the antenna made it so it would not hold its elevation angle. Any one
> have any suggestions. I would rather not spend top dollar but sometimes
> you have to do what you have to do.
> Thanks Ed W6ABE

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