Amir K9CHP

I use a cheap Wal-Mart tripod. Took all the photographic assembly off it, until I was left with a round piece which fit quite well in a 1.5 inch pvc pipe. I then used a t junction, added a short arm, put a hole in it and the Arrow antenna goes in it from the middle, where it breaks down. Elevation is controlled by friction. You can get fancy and use a threaded fitting. Elevation is easier to control that way and the thing won't fall apart on you ever so often. The other side of the t junction is used to hang my rig for balance. Everything is secured to the structure, so if I drop something, it does not fall to the ground. Weight wise, it is still portable,  not for backpacking, but park bench or field day definitely.

73 de Amir K9CHP
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On Oct 6, 2012 8:51 AM, "W6ABE" <egenest@...> wrote:

I am looking to buy a tripod for mounting my ARROW II antenna. I had one but it was old and broke down. I tried one from a friend, but the weight of the antenna made it so it would not hold its elevation angle. Any one have any suggestions. I would rather not spend top dollar but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.
Thanks Ed W6ABE

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