Re: finally heard two sats

Peri Cosseboom <ls5102@...>

Truly exciting. Clayton is giving good advise. John Papay has recorded some passes archived here: It’s really helpful to listen to these (thanks John), and read the accompanying advice. As a noob all I can suggest is to speak slowly and clearly. Hard to do when excited! You’ll hear on the tape that the experienced operators do this.
Coincidentally I made my first backyard QSO (first ham QSL also!) with John about 3 weeks ago with a FT-60 while waving an Elk 2/440 around and I believe I’ve caught the bug. I’m shopping for a duel band base station and looking into the linear birds. Perhaps not coincidentally I’ve just received a QSL  from Clayton. Seems to be a small group of hams working the birds. I’ve just put the finishing touches on my manual antenna tripod. Original design. Cost about $10 and the only power tool required was a drill. Much better, no more sore arm.
BTW, Clayton, I’d love to see a photo of the “mule”.
Good luck to you. Be patient, it will all come together.
See you in space, 73.

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