Re: finally heard two sats

Jerry Barr

well its getting better someone on the ao-27 responded to me but i was working wrong way or sideband  anyway , did hear w7sxm on the ao-29 bird abt 1300 hrs pass wud be nice if i cud find some new info on working the active birds / seems like everything i read is from 2009 or before/ anyway it sure is fun tracking them
jerry kj6ntl

From: Jerry Barr
To: "Work-Sat@..." ; "w6has@..." ; Stuart Schaffert ; Bill Jenkins
Sent: Saturday, September 8, 2012 5:06 PM
Subject: [Work-Sat] finally heard two sats
hello all was relly exciting today whe i herd W0CA  working someone  on so-50 an then heard somelse on ao 27/ now to talk bak n one   atleast i know its working
and they really do fly over hi hi

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