Re: Want to operate from a cruise ship – who to contact at Celebrity?

Amir K9CHP

When I operate from cruise ships I secure permission from the cruise line,  generally via their web site or email and once on board,  I  go to the front office with a letter to the master of the ship requesting permission to operate.  The latter may take a day or so and I  have never been turned down on HollandAmerica lines,  whether HF or V/U for satellites.

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On Sep 3, 2012 3:29 PM, "vtnn43e48073" <vtnn43e@...> wrote:

The XYL and I are going on a cruise next year. Since we will be in a lot of grids that I bet are fairly rare I would like to operate while at sea. We are going to be on a Celebrity ship and I would like to approach the company and ask permission to operate while at sea.

Does anyone know who I could contact at Celebrity to get permission in writing from them to do this? Or is it up to the captain who can operate like this?


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