Re: pre-amp


Has anybody tried the Ten Tec broad band pre-amp for LEO work for the
70 cm down link side?
Not I ... but I would be at least hesitant to. As a wideband
unfiltered preamp, it would be subject to lots of intermod,
de-sensing, and other stuff from strong signals anywhere within its
huge passband.

To be beneficial, a preamp needs to be better (usually meaning lower
noise) than your XCVR's tuned and matched front-end. Otherwise it
just amplifies noise along with signal and you'd be no better off.

Have read of a few cases where this or another WB preamp was used and
actually made things worse. I'm sure it does help in some cases, but
no guarantees.

OTOH, the price is right for an experimenter. Not much to lose. But
you need a box and connectors.


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