Re: Assistance with logging while working AO-51 and others

Amir K9CHP

My preferred way is to connect the voice recorder via a audio splitter to the duplex radio so that it will record what's heard on the air only. This way, it still gives you a back up for demos and you don't record the environmental noise etc. But it also is one more cord to deal with.




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On 4/6/2010 03:10, K6LCS wrote:

>> ... I had the HT in one hand ...

I don't see the problem, Pat. HT in one hand. Speaker-mic in another. Arrow antenna in another hand. PDA with tracking software in another hand. Pencil in another hand. Clipboard and paper in another ...


Although I don't use one when I do demos, I - like the others who've already answered - use a little digital recorder to record passes.

Clint, K6LCS

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