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Amir K9CHP

Mine is just held together by friction/pressure, no glue, so I can easily take the boom apart, and stuff the entire kit and caboodle in a canvas bag/small briefcase, the elements fold in, so does the coax, connectors etc. And as Clint said, the antenna works. This will be the antenna I'll use when traveling. A totally different class from any whip, no question about that. As for a fair comparison with the Arrow or Elk, well, here is what I have to say. Either it works, works well, or doesn't work. IMO, all three, tape measure beam, Elk and Arrow work well.

I checked SWR on 2m and it is quite acceptable (I don't remember the exact numbers) and I used it both in Rx and Tx. I did not Tx on 70cm for sats of course, but I did use it on repeaters. Worked well here too.




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On 3/24/2010 15:16, K6LCS wrote:

A re-post of mine from last December ...

I am preachin' to the choir here with this post, I am sure. But since Southern
California was under STORMWATCH again last night (we're expecting at least
0.03" of precipitation), I decided to build one of those cheap "tape measure 2M
Yagi" antennas from plans seen all over the Web.

I mean, I mention them during my satellite presentations as an affordable entry
into high-gain ... I have a couple links on my Work-Sat Web site for plans ...
I can see in theory where they should work - but I've never built one myself.

So I stuck the PVC pipes together ... soldered the matching element ...
straightened it all out, and took it outside for a test.


This is something that EVERY ham should do. What a dramatic increase in a
handheld's performance a couple dollars' worth of stuff can accomplish! I heard
a NOAA WX station (technically, out of range for this 2M Yagi) in San Diego
that I have never heard from the house before. Every repeater of the six I
immediately hit were received more clearly than with even the best of HT
antennas ... and as good or better than my Cushcraft A148-3S (retailing for
sixty bucks).

Sorry - have to stop writing. I am way too old to get this excited about this
hobby ...

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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