Greetings & Salutations from the newbie!!! :-)

ve2xpl <ve2xpl@...>

Hello everyone...I am new to the group. Wanted to introduce myself. Name's Pete (VE2XPL). I live in Montreal Canada. I am an electrical engineering technologist working in a Children's Hoapital here in Mtl.

I have been licenced as a amateur radio guy since 1995, but was inactive for a number of years, & came back to the hobby about 3 yrs. ago. I have been having alot of fun with Echolink (my link station is VE2XPL-L...drop by anytime) & I also like to homebrew all sorts of antennas...

I recently ( 3 days ago) built the 'cheap & easy yagi' by N2SPI for downlink, & couln't beleive how well it works (full quieting on 2 passes of AO-51)...built it almost all out of junk box parts, except for the terminal bloc, which cost me all of $2.35. (see .PDF article posted by Clint K6LCS in <FILES> page). Now, I have to make un uplink antenna, & actually make a contact...a project for an upcomming week-end. I will keep you posted (& will most likely have many questions in the process)



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