Re: HTs and antennas..

K6LCS <clintbrad4d@...>

... Doesn't seem like any of them are full duplex ...
Only that new Alinco HT is "true" full duplex. I have been told by one owner that the most current firmware update does improve what has been described as "poor" sub-band receive sensitivity. I will get one, and see how it works.

And, of course, it is NOT mandatory that we work full-duplex - just a convenience to be able to hear the downlink when you key your mic.

... anyone tried a dual-band quad? Seems like a 2 element 2m and a three element
70cm quad on the same boom ought to be easy...
Ross - with A)-51 at 2.05W downlink power right now, just get yourself a few db of gain both ways, and you'll be successful!

Please keep us updated with what you use for an antenna.

Clint, K6LCS

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