Made my first contact!

MichaelE <k4moa@...>

Hey everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that I made my first contact with a satellite today.

I worked K4T on SO-50 this morning. I am sure most have heard that K4T is currently in the Dry Tortugas worked them with my VX-7 and a Arrow Antenna.

I received my Arrow antenna for Christmas and today was the first time I have had the opportunity to get the antenna out (of the package) due to the cold weather, sicknesses and just being busy. This morning I got up and saw how pretty it was outside I had to get out for a bit.

I have tried to listen to SO-50 with my AL-800 antenna in the past and I could barely hear anything, I never felt comfortable attempting to make a contact on it. Today I could hear them almost from the horizon and picked them up perfect as they went over.

I wanted to get on here and thank Clint and everyone who had offered me so much advice over the past several months.

I look forward to making more contacts with you guys in the future...

Take care,

Michael, K4MOA

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