Siegfried Jackstien

You will need more gain on the antenna i think
I have a stacked vertical (x510) ... with that I am just at the decode
margin ... and that with a sensitive sdr radio (funcubedongle)
I think with a small beam you would have better luck
Or you have to have a very close pass ... but then your j-pole will have a
receiving hole upwards ...
I made a second antenna for high passes (qfh) ... on high passes the qfh is
better (and on some passes were the sat has more horizontal then vertical
polarization) ...
If you have a strong cw signal and you also can hear the bpsk signal very
good ... then the decoding should work ...
If you have your antenna system so that you can receive and decode
"something" then I would recommend a cat connection to pc and qrg tracking

For decoding lots of frames in a pass the cw note has to be rocksteady or
make only very slight and slowly movements ... so compensating Doppler is a
"must have" to be able to decode 30-40 frames in a pass
But even compensating the Doppler by hand should give you some frames if you
receive the signal "decode-able"

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I am using a IC746Pro and an Arrow J-pole mounted on the roof. I have been
able to receive the SSTV pictures but cannot seem to get the Telementry
signal. I have the program all set up and I tune to 145.919 and listen for
the CW signal and then try to tune it so that I get it on the line -
Yellow= but nothing seems to work. I have the receiver set to USB. What
else do I need to do?

Forrest, KC9JFX

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