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I actually purchased Stephen's adapter prior to getting the AL-800. You can tell that there is some support with the adapter, but like you said - still need to be careful. I must admit it is still sort of an odd feeling the way you need to hold the radio and antenna in the same hand then try to move around to find the best signal. I'm enjoying the challenge -

Thank you again for all of your work and advice -

Mike, K4MOA

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THANKS for participating here!

... how to use the AL-800 with my VX7R ...
CAUTION! Please do NOT use the Yaesu CN-3 BNC-to-SMA all-metal adapter. It provides absolutely NO protection for your radio's SMA antenna connector.

That antenna is very heavy and places a lot of strain on your connector ... Look at the Stephen Gulyas adapters on my Web site at ...

But please STILL try to support the antenna-HT as you use it ... cradle it carefully ...

... I have listened ... but no transmissions ...
Hey - I was at that same point a couple years ago. Go for it!


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