Re: Made first satellite contact today

Brian Barney <brian77223@...>

I am planning on trying out the plan for the arrow clone half way down this page
I think I'll wait on getting a diplexer, so I'll use 2 seperate cables for 2m and 70cm. Plus I like to do a little RDF and I dont have a 2m yagi yet so it can serve a dual purpose.
I want to try and make it pretty lightweight so I am looking at hollow aluminum elements and a wooden boom.
If anybody has ideas or information on their own satellite antennas, I would love to take a look.
I also am reading up about packet radio and I'd like to try to send some messages to the ISS at some point.

-Brian Barney

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Subject: [Work-Sat] Re: Made first satellite contact today
Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 12:49 PM
Way to go, Brian!

Which Yagi are you building?

I enjoyed your group ... I am getting ready to give the
show at the AQMD office tonight at 6. We will try working
AO-51 at 5:40pm to the West.

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