Made first satellite contact today

Brian Barney <brian77223@...>

Hello group, My name is Brian Barney. I am a student at Cal Poly Pomona, and Clint gave a satellite presentation for our amateur club last week. I downloaded pocketsat on my palm treo and today I noticed I had an 80 degree overhead pass with the SO-50 (the same satellite that Clint contacted during the presentation)
I waited till it was almost directly overhead and I could hear people clearly. I waited for a break in the conversation and threw out my call sign and location. The other hams said my signal was pretty scratchy but could understand some of it. I was just using a whip antenna. I was already in the process of making a dual band yagi, but I thought I'd try with my $20 whip and FT60.
Thank you Clint for giving the presentation for our school club, I had always wanted to work satellites, but didn't know I had the capability to.

-Brian Barney

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