Re: SOFTWARE for Satellite Tracking

MichaelE <k4moa@...>

Hi Clint,

Thank you very much for starting this group. I have been using your "HT" document to get started with Satellites and begin my journey of education and fun. I do not have the experience to begin transmitting as I'm still figuring out how to use the AL-800 with my VX7R to achieve the best signal. I have listened several times on various satellites as they pass over, but no transmissions. My day is coming...

I have been tinkering with Satscape. I first like that it is multi-platform (Windows, Unix, etc). I also like the views that if offers - 2D and 3D views of earth. Finally, I like that I can customize what is on my maps -- I can have as many or as few as I want.

Again, thanks for starting this group and allowing people like me to have a forum to learn...


Mike, K4MOA

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There are several software programs available for tracking amateur satellites. What program(s) have YOU settled upon to use for working the birds?


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