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Hi Forrest,

I'm not sure if you recorded the SSTV audio directly on to your computer from the radio or made a recording on a digital recorder to then transfer to the computer. I downloaded MMSSTV and although there are files you can use to test it, it wasn't clear (to me!) how to get the software to read the test audio files on your computer.

When ARISSat was being tested from the ISS, I recorded the SSTV audio during a pass using a small digital recorder with a cable( with 3.5mm jack on each end) connecting the radio to the microphone socket on the recorder. After the pass I went back inside and started up MMSSTV and then just plugged one end of same cable into the earpiece socket on the recorder and the other into the microphone socket on my computer. I didn't adjust any input levels. I pushed play on the recorder and MMSSTV started decoding and displaying the image immediately.

It seems like the software is either set for a mic or line input as a default and it definitely would be nice to how to switch it so that you can decode audio files on your computer.



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I have recorded  a couple of the Arssat-1 passes, but I dont see anywhere on the SSTV or the telementry programs to use a file from the computer to decode the recordings. Can anyone help.

Forrest, KC9JFX

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Subject: [Work-Sat] ARISSAT-1 Heard it :)
Date: Tuesday, August 9, 2011, 4:12 PM


It's things like this that keep me excited about Amateur Radio! I copied the FM downlink on the Aug 9 0543Z pass last night in Torrance, Calif. Used a VX7 with a ¼ wave magmount on the car. Will need to try my Arrow yagi next time. I copied the majority of the pass from the VERY weak AOS through moderately strong to the VERY weak LOS. I clearly heard the voice telemetry and the very end of the English kids message, then a foreign language kids message. I even heard the distinctive SSTV at the very end as it was approaching LOS. I will have to download MSSTV and see if I got anything. Next time, I will remember my audio cord and try to get a better recording rather than holding the recorder next to the radio.

73's and good luck â€" de KA6WNK

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