Info regarding which cross bander base to buy


I agree. What some of us are saying is that it is nice, but not  necessary, to hear your own signal into the bird.  Full duplex is nice, but not necessary, son't let lack of full duplex keep you from trying it. I often make contacts where I  hear the other guy, he hears me, and I do NOT hear myself.
Others may argue the other way, you should hear yourself. Yeah it's nice but not necessary. I was with a friend in Fargo ND during the floods, and we rigged up his IC-706MkII,  to work the AO-51, . Worked super. Used his dual band mobile antenna, he made several contacts. Was it optimuim, no, but yes it worked, He just waited til he heard a loud signal, and called.
Most of us probably have what we need to work the birds.

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