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Jim Cameron

Hi Les, Clint, and all,
I got that new recieve cord done. man I dont know what I did wrong on the first one, but this new one man!  this time I got signal in the water fall and the recieved audio bar about half way. Sounds good. Audio in move up and down with the signal. And volume control on the radio. Maybe I did this one right.  speacker out to line in on the sound card. I can tune around hear and record other freq. and use the rig to QSO to. with the cord pluged in. So now again I am on freq. waiting for ARISSat-1 to make her pass.
So I guess now I wait and see. I wiil post what happens.
Now maybe I can work on the transmit interface side Hi Hi.

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Jim, my advice to use line in was based on the understanding that you was coupling your radio to the computer via the audio output jack on the radio.  If you are using a mike, then by all means use the mike input.  You may not get enough gain using line in with a mike.  Using a mike is not the best way to do this, as you will pick up other noises that will show up in the picture.  But it will work. 

I've received pictures both in the morning after daylight, and a few after dark.  The ones received in daylight are much better.  It is my understanding that the satellite goes to low power when in the earth's shadow, to conserve battery power.  So your best chance for a good picture would be during a daylight pass.

I can't think of any way to start MMSSTV at the start of the pass.


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