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Thanks for the info I'll download Orbitron and give it a try.
Not looking forward to the learning curve, I just got SatPC32 working correctly, and just figured out the ARISSatTLM package.
SatPC32 handles the doppler and tracking well, I just don't get a good signal from the CW Beacon and the SSB Telemetry. My understanding is to tune around 145.919MHZ USB until the CW ID tone is around 500HZ then every thing should lock and work. I've got a 65 deg. pass coming up at 10PM, I'll try again. Because this bird isn't spin stabilized, I think the deep fading is doing me in.

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Yes ... me :-)
I used orbitron for tracking the qrg
In hdsdr I switched the dde driver to control TUNE not the LO !!!
The fcd makes coarse steps when you tune it
The sdr soft can do finer steps and with that you can be right on spot
Ok here the setup
Orbitron for tracking qrg (any tracking soft with dde link should work)
Qrg is sent to hdsdr
Hdsdr sets the lo for the fcd 10kc lower as the qrg that orbitron sent via
dde (so during a pass lo is NOT changed!!) if the qrg is not in the passband
I change it after starting to be on 145940
Hdsdr does not change it anymore so pll of fcd stays locked!
In orbitron I made a new textfile : 37772.txt
**********start of txt file******
LAUNCHED: 2011/08/03@18:43:00 UTC
SITE: Deployed from ISS on EVA29
STATUS: Operational/NEW
DNLINK: 145.950 (FM)
DNLINK: 145.9183 (CW+BPSK1000)
DNLINK: 145.91835 (CW+BPSK1000)
DNLINK: 145.9184 (CW+BPSK1000)
Notes: ARISSAT-1 was launched without uplink antenna!
*********end of file************
(delete the lines with the stars!!)

You maybe have a bit different qrg to put in the file
So maybe you have to change tha value a bit

the goal is that you have the cw note at 500 to 650 hz
(about 550 worked best for me)

Now I routed the audio from sdr software to tlm software via virtual audio
cable ....
The tlm software locks on the cw note ... so if you have it tuned right on
spot you should also receive the data
Hope that helps

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Anyone have any luck receiving the telemetry? I've had success with the FM
voice and SSTV but not with the telemetry. I have briefly heard the CW
beacon but not long enough to get tuned in to receive the data.I'm using
the ARISatTLM software, yagi antenna Az/El rotor, tracking with PCSat32,
using doppler correction, etc..


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