Re: ARISSAT-1 Heard it :)

Siegfried Jackstien

Just a few minutes after the last pass i had a lucky shot :-)
I tried to decode telemetry live with the tlm soft, hdsdr, funcube, orbitron
, vac ...
I could not decode it while sat was flying over me :-(
But I recorded the rf stream from hdsdr and played it back another time
Now I had to compensate doppler by hand (not by orbitron) and I could decode
a complete kursk frame and upload it to the internet
Now I checked the fm transmissions (again replayed the recorded rf)
And I could make a wave file with the spoken telemetry data
... so guys what you can never do with a analog radio:
Play back and forth in an rf stream and take this or that transmission and
decode it later :-)
If you really wanna play around with this ... ask your xyl for some pocket
money and buy a funcube dongle
Or any other sdr frontend ... maybe just a downconverter from your
conventional rig for the first steps in sdr (been there done that) ... and
after you find out what sdr can do for you you will sure buy also an fcd
You can work live via arissat (uhf up 2m down) and record the audio and sstv
while you have a qso right next to it
So work over the sat and record the rf stream with sdr soft ... after the
pass is over you can play it back another time and see who else was on the
sat or you can decode the telemetry or sstv pictures

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It's things like this that keep me excited about Amateur Radio! I copied
the FM downlink on the Aug 9 0543Z pass last night in Torrance, Calif.
Used a VX7 with a ¼ wave magmount on the car. Will need to try my Arrow
yagi next time. I copied the majority of the pass from the VERY weak AOS
through moderately strong to the VERY weak LOS. I clearly heard the voice
telemetry and the very end of the English kids message, then a foreign
language kids message. I even heard the distinctive SSTV at the very end
as it was approaching LOS. I will have to download MSSTV and see if I got
anything. Next time, I will remember my audio cord and try to get a better
recording rather than holding the recorder next to the radio.

73's and good luck – de KA6WNK

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