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Les:  If I turn the squelch knob to the Rt, the background noise goes away. If I turn it to the Left, the noise comes back.  I set it so that I have the noise just coming out of the speaker.  I then turn the Volume down so that we cant hear the radio in the other room. I had never received a SSTV  signal before nor had I operated the program before. It is all new to me.  I wasn't even sure that I had HRD set up correctly to get a picture so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the picture the next morning.

Forrest, KC9JFX

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Forrest, I don't quite understand the "just making static" quote.  On any transceiver I've had, the squelch is either on or off.  I have received 3 pictures now on 3 different passes by setting my levels using the white noise with the squelch off, and then turning the squelch just below where it cuts off the signal.  Used the transceiver volume control to set the level into MMSSTV.  Or you could use the computer volume control to set the level.

Les KC0PTO  

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> Finally received two images from ARISSat-1 last nite after I went to bed. I am using HRD,SIGNALINK-USB and 2m/70cm Arrow J-pole mounted about 20Ft up. Had the IC-746Pro set on freq with the squelch turned down so it was just making static. Volume set low, and just left the laptop running the HRD program. Question, do I really need the squelch turned on or do I really need it to make noise all nite?
> Forrest, KC9JFX

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