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John Moncak

thanks wa7dxz going to  try it when wx gets alittle warmer here.forgot to say im putting on a mast about25 ft up to clear houses and going to try at 25degres ty  ke3lb

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I went through just what you are going through, and did the same thing you are thinking about. I have an Elk, I  eventually mounted it on a roof tripod, a 3 ft tripod, with a cheap rat shack rotor, and mounted it elevated at about 25 degrees, and It worked great. Most of the passes are at 45 degrees or less, so you will be able to work maybe 90 percent of the passes with that set up, maybe not the really low ones or the  straight overhead ones  full pass, but, try it, it is a big improvement over standing out in the back yard holding a  radio in one hand and an antenna in the other. Is that the world's longest sentence?
The other thing  previous to that I did was mount that tripod on a table in the back yard, so the antenna was at maybe 6 ft, mounted it same way, at 25 degrees, and all I had to do was twist the mast  along the azimuth, a big improvement over trying to  hold the beam and find both elevation and azimuth.  I love the Elk.
Good luck, 73 Bob wa7dxz dm33
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using a arrow on camera tripod outside.inside listen on a m2 eggbeater 440 and transmit on ar270 for 2m uplink. was wondering about putting up something on a small channel master rotor at 30 or 45 degrees like a elk2mand440 hoping it to recieve better than the eggbeater.if not a elk how about some dual band beams from cushcraft.any inf will be appreciated .ty ke3lb 73

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