AO-51 Question-o-matic


Good Space-Oriented-Folks,
Had a clean pass of AO-51 as I was leaving work today, so I thought I'd give it a go (my timing has been not-so-good lately and I've been stuck with 6 am passes so I haven't made much of an effort in a while).

Had some trouble lining up the signal, and never quite came in clear, but I did hear some voices and could make out calls so I tossed mine out there....nothing.  Waited for someone to inhale and put it out there again, faster this time (I'll show you fast-talkers)...nothing again.

So I figured either the other kids on the box had gills and could talk and breathe in at the same time, or my PL was off.

Got home and dumped the FT60 into Commander and pulled up the details on Amsat.  Sure enough, my PL was old so I switched it all to 67.  Here are my questions:

I notice a different uplink for FM QRP (no PL), should I be using this with my FT-60 since it tops out at 5 Watts?

It has the same downlink?  Won't we just be stepping in with all of the high-powered kids and their cooler mega-watty toys?

The AMSat summary page  for AO-51 has a different d/l for QRP (435.15) but the Echo Project Page  showed QRP and regular on the same d/l.

That's it for now, I'm sure I'll have more as I start working through my other memories.


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