Which Arrow Antenna Model???

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Q. I stopped at HRO a few days ago to buy an Arrow beam antenna for satellite work. They had a small one that breaks down and a bigger on that costs less. The small one has a duplexer? Which do you use?

A. I use Model 146/437-10WBP - the one with the duplexer built into the handle. Just one coax line to a single HT. It terminates in a BNC connector. If your radio is SMA, then Comet makes 18" jumpers of rewally flexible coax (less than 1/3dB loss - no problem). Or use one of Stephen Gulyas' EXCELLENT BNC-to-SMA adapters - which actually provide protection for your radio's antenna connector.

Links to the antennas and adapters at ...


Clint, K6LCS

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