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Amir K9CHP

Aha! SPACE, that makes it rocket science, and you keep wondering why they stopped you! OK, cheap shot, I'm not anti-police, just have to make a joke when I see one coming.




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On 6/30/2011 17:04, Jerry Darby wrote:


Brings back memories for both my wife and I. It hasn't happened for about a year now but there was a time in the last several years that either my wife or I would get pulled over, not for any traffic violation but because they were not able to run the plates. My wife have her call on her car and I have my call on mine. We were stopped at least once a week for a long period of time. It got to be funny to us and we were ready to let the officer know how to run our Ham callsign vanity plates but we never had the expereince you had. They had no idea that you had to enter a space to get a valid plate such as N6 UME or N6 ZNC. Of course we were very cooperative with them as we knew why they were pulling us over so much and they showed the same cooperation when we asked them to run the plate again with the space in the correct position. They would come back from running the plate and say "Thank you. You may go". This was a Sheriff in each case. I guess word
finally got around and haven't been stopped in quite some time.

Jerry N6UME

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