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MichaelE <k4moa@...>

Thanks for the advice guys. Somewhere in the house I have a Creative Zen Micro which has a built in microphone on it. I was hoping to have something with a line in so I could use a headset, but if I can find the Zen Micro I can give it a shot and see how things go.

Thanks again and 73's

Mike, K4MOA

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I'm new to the group, ham radio and working SATs but I do have a suggestion here.

I use a creative ZEN Stone MP3 player to record with.

Mine is 2GB and can record for many hours and the MP3 files it creates need no conversion like some digital voice recorders do. Its tiny about 1x1.5 inches charges over usb, works like a thumb drive (just mounts up like a disk so you can store photos, log data and other files on it), has a FM radio and of course can play music. The 2nd generation ZEN Stones also have a speaker built in. I got mine at target on sale for less than $20. I think they are out of production (at least the earlier models) so look around for a good deal. Oh, yeah it has a stopwatch and a clock as well. Nice little toy.

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