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Want a lively, hour-long presentation at your club? I can give my "How to Work Ham Satellites with your HT" session via VOIP!

What I just did a couple weeks ago with a club in Minnesota was have them establish a Skype connection (or EchoLink connection) for audio. On their end, they had a projector/screen showing what I had sent them beforehand as my presentation. Each slide was numbered, so we never lost our place. I can make the file either a .pdf or a PowerPoint or Apple Keynote - whatever your club has the capability of showing.

Since Skype is darned near "full duplex," I like it better because I can hear the group more readily than with EchoLink. I don't mind a bit being interrupted for questions - and that works better using Skype than with EchoLink.

I have conducted four such VOIP meetings recently. I need about 40 minutes for the show - then take all the questions the group might have. And as always, it's usually the Q&A session that's the most enlightening. The show is not "fomal" nor stuffy. We'll have a great time.

If interested, please contact me at - I'd enjoy speaking to your club!

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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