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ed palmer <flhtci97@...>

How about that?! I got that particular info from the Amsat website on the Echo project page.

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Date: Monday, November 30, 2009, 7:14 PM

>> ... made my first satellite contact ... AO-51 ... FT-817ND ... Arrow ...

Congratulations! Now on to SO-50 ... AO-27 ... (grin)

>> ... I did find out however it definitely works best if one has the PL tone set for the uplink.....DUH! !

NO - We are NOT using CTCSS on AO-51. Haven't for almost three years. And if you find a site with that mis-information, please write the owner top advise ... it means they haven't updated their info for three years!

Clint Bradford
AMSAT area coordinator

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