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I have found another SMA to BNC adapter that works well with the VX-8R. It is the BNCJ-SMAP adapter from Diamond Antenna. I don't know how it would work for other handhelds so your mileage may vary.
The adapter is wide at the base and mates up well with the rubber gasket around the SMA jack on the VX-8R. The last half turn will require one to hold on to the rubber gasket around the SMA when tightening down the adapter to keep the gasket from spinning. 
73 Ed N0EHQ


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>> ... I have a large antenna with BNC male connector that I did not use because I need to get a adapter for the bnc so it can fit on my SMA radio ...

Please consider either a NCG/Comet HB-05 BNC female to SMA male 18-inch jumper, or the Stephen Gulyas adapter. Either will protect your radio's SMA jack and center pin from stress.

The HB-05 is available from fine ham radio stores nation-wide. Info on the Gulyas adapters available at ...


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