Better Whip - or ELK / Arrow Antenna?

K6LCS <clintbrad4d@...>

... I am considering either the Elk or Arrow sat antennas. Are they going to be that much better than the Smiley 270A?
It's a tremendous difference! You can experience the gain improvement by making a simple Yagi yourself. There are a few articles here ...

... including making a Yagi out of a steel tape measure ... or an old umbrella!

A friend in Texas has over 9,000 contacts with his Icom IC-W32a HT and the Anli/Pryme AL-800 antenna ... So you can certainly stick with your current setup!

This reminds me of when I purchased my little FT-817 - INSTEAD of, say, the FT-857. I mean, ANYONE can make long-distance contacts with 100W TX power. But something about only having 5W appealed to me ... a little more patience and finesse is involved ... (grin). Same with these FM satellites: Definitely workable with an HT and Smiley antenna ... but more easily worked with the gain priovided by an efficient Yagi or log-periodic antenna.


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