USB Hub Suggestions

K6LCS <clintbrad4d@...>

... I have been running a FT-817 and SatPC32 and sometimes HRD. I now want to add my FT-857 and run dual radio mode. I am using a Vista laptop. with a USB cable from two radios and one from a rotor control. It is a nightmare every time I unhook the laptop. Can you recommend a USB hub to connect all of this stuff to or a proper method. I am no computer whiz!

I'd stick with a name-brand for reliability ... and one that has an AC wall wart, so your USB lines get all the energy they expect.

I use a Kensington K331118A ...

Belkin also makes quality powered USB hubs.

Macally makes a couple models of external hard drive enclosures which I have found to be great - but I am not sure if they currently offer powered USB hubs.


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