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Ellen Moody

After four students (these are all older people) declared $17 was too much for postage, and someone said she didn't trust the site had the book (!), plus in COVID times .... , who knows if it'll come, I sent to them my pdf of Louise deSalvo and Susan Squier's edition of The Journal of Mistress Joan Martyn, published in Twentieth Century Literature, and asked them instead to purchase The Complete Shorter Fiction of VW.  It is in print the first 83 plus pages is a reprint of the Memoirs of a Novelist.

I wrote this to the class as part of telling them why we are now going to do this other book (more variety of course, a good introduction, less tendentious I suppose):

"Now what is the story behind this apparition of a book (I'll call it): several of the stories are about a woman biographer trying to tell the story of the life of a woman before the 20th century. What she finds is she can find nothing out for real.  Everything said is pious generalities; she never did anything, was a pious wife and mother; or the memoir she wrote has been lost or destroyed. There is one memoir that is found and that's the one I send - it's about a woman who had an arranged marriage and died young in childbirth.  I wanted to cover the topic of biography and how and why much of women's literature until the mid19th century doesn't exist any more.

To me it is supremely ironic that the text which narrates as stories why we can find out so little that's real about women before the 20th century is itself enormously hard to get. An apparition."

I looked in my George Mason database and couldn't find it in the online texts by Woolf either.

Ellen Moody

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Heart-breaking that Adelaide expunged the collection. Why?? WHY???


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Dear fellow Woolfians (is that the phrase), I'm teaching one of Woolf's texts this summer:  Memoirs of a Novelist.   While it is available in a Hesperus press edition, from a couple of sites, I can't find a good on-line text. The loss of the University of Adelaide site hits very hard on on-line Woolf texts.

Does anyone know of a good on-line copy of this book?

I also cc a small list on I moderate/own. 

Ellen Moody

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