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 Our group cover picture represents a conflation of several paintings by Maude Lewis, a Canadian artist (1903-70).

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Our mascot picture or gravatar:  An anonymous depiction of Christine de Pizan writing.

Present group reading: Gertrude Bell, The Desert and the Sown; or a biography if you prefer (Howell or Wallach); the film Letters from Baghdad

Welcome to Women Writers.  We try to function as a community of women readers. We discuss issues of interest to women as well as their art, writing, music, crafts and lives. We are much more a literary than political list, but it is assumed you are a feminist and progressive in outlook. I ask that everyone use his or her real name, provide a brief introduction, and behave courteously.  Everything you are reading and doing by and having to do with women is welcome. Men are welcome but we stay with art by or (in the case of film) made with women in mind.  We do sometimes have group readings and discussions. I would like everyone who decides to subscribe to regard this space as a somewhere to express your ideas about women's issues and women's art, and enjoy yourself with others.

We are now reading books together again. But anything about women or by women goes.  Our line up of books after Bell  is: 1. 
Joanna Trollope -- The Choir or Margaret Kennedy's Together and Apart and/or Pat Barker's The Silence of the Girls; 2 .Byatt's The Children's House or some other Byatt of your choice.  3. De Beauvoir -- Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter; 5Alison Lurie's The Language of Clothes; 6) Nadime Gorimer's Burgher's Daughter.  7)   Eva Figes - a Day in Giverny: Light;  8) Ellen Wilkinson's Clash

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