I have been asked by a friend to say a little about my pseudonyms


I have been asked by a friend to say a little about my pseudonyms. OK, here goes…

For my first few train games I used my own name. Then, the Train Gamer’s Association, headed by Heather Barnhorst and bankrolled by Mayfair Games, namely Darwin Bromley, worked to suppress my games, going so far as to create a RESTRICTED LIST with my games on them. Simply put, my games could not be played at TGA Tournaments.

Well, then, I started using my Martin Wallace pseudonym, right up through Age of Steam. Martin was happy about it, rave reviews in SUMO helped. He wanted to be a famous game designer, I did not care for any of that ilk.

Then I did an 18xx variant for Rail Gamer magazine. I couldn’t use the Martin Wallace pseudonym, because everybody at the time knew that Martin never played 18xx. I discussed the problem with one of my mentor’s, Professor Henry Y. Chaung, the man who taught Switching Theory in Graduate School. Most of my games are Finite State Machines. Henry was a proud Taiwanese-American and Harry Wu came up as pseudonym. OK, Harry Wu it was.

After the Age of Steam fight with Martin, I used Harry Wu again for a certain style of game. For others, I used David V. H. Peters, a combination of 4 of my Winsome guys in Pittsburgh - Dave, Vince, Hudson, Peter. For there styles of games, I used Eddie Robbins, my dear brother-in-law, who passed away in ’92. Beni Seeman was my old girlfriend’s cat. Matthias Burtt is a name that brought up nothing on Google search. I could see who was talking about that game just by typing the name in on Google, it was a fun experiment. I have a bunch of other pseudonyms, but that is enough for now. You get the idea.

I have no need to see my name plastered all over the place. The only places where I care that my real name listed is on the US Patent & Trademark Office, the US Copyright Office, my passport, my driver’s license and the deed to my house. I have been using pseudonyms for decades now and will continue to use them for games and other creative works, like magazine articles. If someone has a problem with this, it is their problem, not mine.

Have a nice day.

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